Class of 2020~ Senior Role-Model Program


The AimeeLouise Photography Role-Model program seeks to mentor high school senior girls using education, community outreach, relationships, and photography to contagiously influence and inspire the world around them. 

Our desire is to help young women escape the cultural trap of focusing on outward appearances, and instead prepare them for a future of leadership and positive social impact.

We have four components to our Senior Role-Model Program.


We start off the program with our super fun themed model shoot in March!  In the past we have done stylized shoots with a 1950’s and 1960’s theme.  This year we are headed for the 1980’s!  Our Role-Model Team will receive hair and makeup done by a professional artist.  In addition, we will get outfitted in genuine vintage 1980’s clothes.  When we mix that with fun backgrounds and 1980’s props – it makes for a SUPER FUN day!  (All images are from our Class of 2019 1960’s shoot – looks like fun, right?)

 Check out our highlights from the Class of 2018 1950’s styled senior model shoot!


In addition to the fun stylized model shoot, we will meet four different times during the year to focus on personal growth in preparation for whatever steps you choose after high school.  We will talk about social impact, managing personal finances, social media decorum, and how to be a team leader and team player. We will have a guest expert to speak on each topic and will have group discussion to personalize the content.


The AimeeLouise Role-Model Team will plan and participate in two community service projects during the year.  With our assistance, the team members will be given the opportunity to create, plan, organize and/or lead a community service project. By actively organizing one event during the year, and participating in another event organized by other members of the team, each person is given an opportunity for personal growth and to take part in giving back to the community.

All team members who work hard and put forth excellent effort receive a detailed reference for their college, scholarship, and job applications!


During the months of June and July, each of the ALP Role-Model Team members will have their complimentary senior portrait experience.  The ALP Senior Experience is much more than just a typical senior portrait session. It’s about capturing the essence of who you are and allowing your personality to take center stage. Aimee cares about getting to know you, your style, your personality and your interests. Each session is customized to your personality and is an experience unlike any other! And best of all, your session fee is free if you are on the team!

We would love for you to be a part of the ALP Role-Model Team!  To be a part of this fun and inspirational experience, we do have a one time fee of $250 to cover the program expenses.  Role-Model team members must commit to having their senior portraits taken by AimeeLouise Photography exclusively.  We give our team members a $100 credit for each person they refer to us for senior pictures during the year; however we DO NOT require or expect referrals. (But we DO get excited about them!)  We also give a $50 credit to the person referred by our team members!


To apply for our Role Model team, simply click on the application form: Senior Role-Model Team Application.  You must be a current high school junior, planning to graduate in 2020.

Applications for The Class of 2020 Team are OPEN!! 

You can apply from February 5th-28th,2019.

We can’t wait to meet you!  

Class of 2020 Senior Role-Model Team Application


If you filled out an application and we have not contacted you, please call us!  We are having trouble with the application and some of them have not gotten delivered to us!